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 Sell Sustainable - Buy Sustainable  

The environment protects us, so let’s protect it, by respecting it.

To help reduce pollution/CO2, there is no on site parking for buyers, please avoid driving in and use other modes of transport whenever possible to help protect the environment. (We are located in close proxmity to Crystal Palace Bus and Railway Stations 

'We strongly believe our car boots sales are one of the best places to bring communities together to buy and sell usable second hand goods’


'Every gram we prevent from going into landfill makes a difference' 


 Make sustainable shopping your new normal 


Our planet needs help!  And it’s not just about 'what do we do about single use plastics? it’s so much more!  


We need to drastically improve our recycling habits, because recycling is crucial to the future health of our planet.  


Each and everyone of us can make a difference


Your unwanted goods still have a use,  selling them at one of our car boots is a step in the right direction. 

Here’s an example 

Moving up the waste hierarchy is a key priority for UK waste policy. The term ‘reuse exchange’ has been adopted by UK policy makers to describe a variety of second-hand trading outlets which include car boot sales.

The Waste Management Hierarchy


& or Repair

Watercolor Arrow

Resell, Recycle, Rehome, Reuse, Repair to Reduce Landfill.


 There's no planet B 

It’s time for us all to do our bit!  

Selling your unwanted goods, at Crystal Palace Car Boot, couldn’t be easier! 




Sustainability is all about conserving our natural resources. We need to recycling as much as possible.


 It’s about protecting our ecosystems. Our wildlife. Our children and our children’s children.


It’s about reusing old materials, and reducing the demand for raw materials. 


It’s about protecting our forests and our planets future.


Sustainability, saves energy and helps to cut carbon emissions.


Each and everyone of us can make a difference!


Let’s do this! 

Please click on The London Borough of Bromley links below for  useful local information on the environment & sustainability

Organic Vegetable Farm
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